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itGuide is a Bangladeshi firm that specializes in software development. Since 2018, the company has offered a wide range of high quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of software in Bangladesh.

Our key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in this sector, a network of local and international partners, and a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality software solutions. itGuide has experience in developing software through a variety of packages and environments. We most commonly work with PHP, MYSQL and Browser Scripting Languages. Here follows a full list:

  • Web sites and Web Application Developemnt
  • Online Bidding System Development
  • Customize solution for any kind of business
  • Business Accounting Solution
  • Database management software, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Entry
  • Domain And Hosting

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Website Develop

Build Your Own Website User-Friendly, Design a Site Today!

Hospital ERP

Our Hospital ERP solution focuses on excellent coordination between Healthcare organizations like Hospitals, pharmacies

Pharmacy Management

A pharmacy management software is any system used in a pharmacy that helps automate the pharmacy workflow

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management system is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software specifically designed for restaurants, bars, food trucks and others in the food service industry.

Database Management

Database management refers to the actions a business takes to manipulate and control data to meet necessary conditions throughout the entire data lifecycle.

Inventory Management

Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing, using, and selling a company's inventory.